Covid-19 Cases Are Decreasing, Washington D.C Will Hold Plans to Open City Activities

Covid 19 Case

Washington D.C. will prepare various plans to roll out all city activities. This is due to the decreasing number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Washington D.C, USA. This decline has led officials to start announcing.
There is an opening schedule that must be followed according to the capacity limit. Even this schedule can be done since June but every USA citizen must still wear a mask. Be it at home or traveling out.
As reported by Channel News Asia report on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Mayor Muriel Bowser will launch his plan on Monday, May 10, 2021. This is followed by capacity restrictions which will be removed starting from May 21.
This is the exception in some places such as bars, nightclubs, and various other entertainment venues. Of course, this regulation will begin to be enacted by Mayor Muriel Bowser on June 11, 2021 ago.
“We are rapidly and enthusiastically approaching the level of virus control in our jurisdiction,” said Department of Health Director Dr LaQuandra Nesbitt.

“But in the weeks that followed, we continued to have to remain vigilant.”
This is also evidenced by the graph of cases of the corona virus which is decreasing every day. Even Nesbitt said that it will carry out contact tracing for the new virus and will remain operational 7 days for 24 hours.
Since May 10, 2021, Muriel Bowser has said that at least 200,000 Washington D.C. residents have been fully vaccinated. He even said that the overflow field hospital that took over the convention center in Washington would begin to be demolished.

“I’m thankful we never used it,” said Bowser.
The Washington D.C., U.S. government also said it would return workers who had been laid off and would start working in the office. This was said directly by Muriel Bowser on July 12, 2021.
Not only private workers, Washington D.C. government employees will start working at least part time from the office. Then on May 21, 2021, the Washington D.C. government will lift all capacity restrictions.
Especially capacity restrictions in restaurants, gyms, schools, offices, to various places of worship. Even Muriel Bowser would take these steps carefully in order to loosen the territorial restrictions.
Especially compared to neighboring regions like Virginia to Maryland. Many cases reveal that the County surrounding southern Maryland and northern Virginia consists of various contiguous capital cities.
Muriel Bowser also said that he had worked for 15 months with Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam. He also collaborated with Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan.

“The states of Maryland and Virginia are bigger than the region, of course, so they need to do some different things that affect their entire state, where we’re very focused on the capital region.”
With various regulations that have been set, of course this can be good news for residents of Washington D.C. Of course, this is enough to do in accordance with the wishes of each region that is there.
Don’t forget to keep wearing a mask until you follow the health protocols properly. How? Interested in information and news about Washington D.C, USA. Don’t forget to read the article to get the latest information.