Come to Washington D.C, Indonesia Gets Help

The Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, recently held a cooperation meeting with the US Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antony Blinken. Even the meeting was attended by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and various other US officials.

Their meeting discussed a dialogue partnership so that the two countries immediately started on health and trade issues. During his visit to Washington D.C, USA, Minister of Foreign Affairs Reto Marsudi also had various conversations with the US National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan.

In addition, this meeting was also attended by CIA Director Bill Burns, NSC Indo-Pacific Issues Coordinator Kurt Campbell, USAID. Then there are members of Congress, namely the Chair and ranking member of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Senator Bob Menendez is from the Democratic Party.

There is even Senator James Risch who is from the Republican Party and Senator Tammy Duckworth. Chamber of Commerce and ASEAN-US Business Council and various industries or universities with various affairs. Examples include Pfizer, Baylor Medical University, Arcturus.

“Indonesia and America are entering a new era in bilateral relations, in terms of relations between governments or G to G, we are opening a new page. For the first time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia held a strategic dialogue,” said Retno in a press conference broadcast on YouTube MoFa Indonesia.

This was revealed by Retno on Thursday, August 5, 2021 ago. Even Retno said that this was the result of a strategic partnership that the two countries had agreed on since 2015. Because of this, Indonesia finally welcomed this strategic intention because it could increase Indonesia’s profits.

“Being a necessity as a democracy and the largest economy in Southeast Asia, a strong strategic partnership with Indonesia will provide significant added value to US engagement in the region. Indonesia believes that this engagement between Indonesia and the US will be able to contribute to the creation of peace, stability and prosperity in the region,” he said. Not only that, Indonesia and the US also began to discuss strengthening cooperation in dealing with the pandemic.

This also involves collaboration with the health sector between the government and the pharmaceutical industry. Retno also explained that so far the US has provided assistance to Indonesia about 8 million modern vaccines, 1000 ventilators and various other medical devices.

Even when she went to Washington D.C., Retno explained that Indonesia had just received support, such as drugs and funds. If all of them are added together, Indonesia has received funds of around 1.1 trillion rupiah. “During my visit and meeting, we also received new support, namely the provision of additional funds of USD 30 million, which was announced immediately after my meeting with NSA Jack Sullivan. Then there is also support for therapeutic drugs by a US company worth approximately USD 51.6 million. Combined, the amount is USD 81.6 million or around Rp 1.1 trillion,” said Retno.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno also revealed that this meeting also touched on the pharmaceutical industry which is starting to explore vaccine development partnerships. Even this is balanced with the issue of technology transfer to manufacturing.

Because of this pandemic, there are seen a lot of workers returning from abroad from several sectors such as housemaids and slot online gambling workers who have not been able to leave and hope that the cooperation between the two countries can immediately restore this condition. “Well, from my discussions with the pharmaceutical industry, universities, US health authorities, one thing I learned from these discussions was that the Delta variant was dominating the spread of the virus throughout the world, including in Indonesia and in the United States,” said Retno.

Held Wedding Party, Washington D.C Bans Dance Guests Standing Up

Since the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States began to decline, Washington DC has begun to ease the restrictions on COVID-19. Especially for various places such as schools, gyms to other live entertainment events.
Even Washington, D.C. has lifted restrictions on dancing and standing at weddings. The ban was directly issued by Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on April 26, 2021. As reported by the Daily Mail site, here are some things that will be revoked. For example, each guest will be asked to maintain social distance from their respective seats. Even with this easing, the event owner can hold a party of around 250 people.

But the dance ban is basically considered one of the security rules to avoid the spread of covid-19. Because if you dance everyone will be close to each other. And this is a danger to the environment. Even when dancing, of course, people will touch each other. And this could also cause more cases of COVID-19 to spread in the United States. Although it has been determined, of course, this is still protested by the newlyweds. Despite having to do the rules correctly, this also got protests from the bride named Jillian Harig. Jillian Harig is a bride-to-be who will marry in July 2021.

People also think that by attending a wedding, many people can dance. Many people believe, dancing can be one part of the celebration that will be carried out. “We’re used to wearing masks by now, we’ve been doing that since March. Why not allow dancing. In fact, they can wear masks as a requirement or even test negative for Covid-19 for wedding guests or give their vaccination cards,” protested Jillian Harig.

Now many countries have started to reopen, dance or stand up from weddings. This is a step back that you take instead of having to move forward. Even anyone who violates government regulations will get a fine. Not only that, but places that violate the rules will be suspended from being revoked. So like it or not, this rule must be obeyed properly.
Stephanie Sadowski, Washington DC wedding planner and owner of SRS Events, told The New York Post and FOX 5 DC that it was crazy. That can’t possibly happen especially since the event will be held in Washington D.C.

And it’s not even possible to move the show from Washington D.C. to Maryland and Virginia. Because Marylad and Virginia are both places that have looser marriage restrictions when compared to Washington D.C. Not only the bride and groom, but there are other newlywed couples, namely Illinois and Michigan. Illinois and Michigan are the two couples who should receive the same dancing ban. Even New York and New Jersey have recently eased restrictions on dancing at weddings. Of course, for brides who want to have a wedding, this must be obeyed properly. Because if not obeyed properly every newlyweds can get a fine from Washington D.C. As for the fine itself, there are also various, cheap and expensive. How? I understand?

The Most Beautiful Experience for Travelers While Navigating the Beauty of the World

The traveler will not get disappointed when navigating the beauty of the world. Because their activities are always filled with various comforts and personal satisfaction. So to return to see the natural panorama anywhere is a plan that never fails. Tens to millions of the most beautiful places they have visited either at one time or maybe several times per year. Therefore, their experience when visiting the main destination always provides a sense of comfort.
The experience that has been gained since visiting one place to another is increasingly varied. No wonder travelers always recommend the best places to relatives, family to strangers. Moreover, what has been experienced by online soccer gambling fans, they are constantly navigating the beauty of the world which is said to always give a burning passion before plunging into the world of real money betting.
From that we have concluded that the experience they get is very much. Below are some small sparks that can be used as references, including;

  1. Knowing the Wisdom of Each Region
    Experience in tourism activities is uncertain and promising. Sometimes travelers have bad times when they arrive at the location. It was because the surroundings they came to were not very friendly. So they never get the satisfaction they want. On the one hand, they also know the wisdom of each region. In general, each region has the most perfect aroma in offering beauty values.
    One example is when visiting a tourist destination in a remote country. Even though it doesn’t have many tourist attractions, there are different customs in it. So that travelers are not too disappointed when they come to the place. It could be that the next tourist activity will be better.
  2. Get a lot of hidden information
    Meanwhile, travelers will also get a lot of up-to-date information. Which means they don’t just know the rumor about the place even from some trusted sources or maybe some issues. Because since setting foot in the area, they can exchange ideas with the locals. More – more if the population is a native.
    Of course, all the information about the places they visited was very accurate rather than just listening to rumors. Where later the information can be published to provide details of the accuracy of the rumors. Experiences like this cannot be obtained only from reviews, discourse or perhaps the media. Because after proving it directly, they will really know the real situation.
  3. Increase Knowledge Overall
    And the last experience that can add to knowledge as a whole. At first they were hesitant to stay longer because of negative issues, but that never happened. Because they can combine facts and reviews from various reports.
    Interestingly, this knowledge can also be used as educational material, especially for students who are carrying out touring activities. So all the reviews and insights they want are getting answered more accurately. Interestingly, they will never believe in rumors that only add to the doubt and fear of visiting. And of course the most beautiful experience will always be remembered. So that their days can be much more inspiring.

Ways to Avoid Boredom at Home

Boredom is the least desirable thing for all Earthlings. However, this feeling often appears every day even though it is not clear when it will come. Especially for those who still haven’t got proper activities, it will imprison themselves even more to survive in a world that is not so clear.

Apart from that, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to force everyone to stay alive at home. Until now, many offices and companies require their employees to work from home or with the term Work From Home (WFH). It would make things worse for them if they didn’t get something important to do.

In response to this, the information this time has some of the best efforts to avoid boredom while at home. And what is the leak like? Jump straight into the following discussion.

Play Games Online
The first attempt to eliminate boredom at home is by playing online games. Who says games can damage the mind and the mind? Of course not. Because playing the game also requires maximum concentration in order to keep winning. Especially if the game being studied is online soccer gambling. Of course, high maturity is needed to achieve big profits.

There are many interesting applications that can be downloaded for free through the App Store and Play Store services. There are also paid applications that have more exciting content. But it all depends on how to deal with it. Because of course lingering with games can make the mind more saturated. So it’s best to plan to play only for a few hours. Then can do other activities that are more useful.

Watch Movies Online
Another way to overcome boredom can also be done by watching movies online. What is clear is that there are many information media that often share the latest links about all the world’s best films. YouTube alone still doesn’t have too many patents to show the latest films. Well, watching movies online at home is certainly very exciting. Especially when watching with friends or family. Of course the warmth in the room seemed to continue.
In this modern era, many people prefer to spend time watching movies online rather than having to visit the nearest cinema. Because they only need a data package or install Wi-Fi to enjoy the action. Some people say that these efforts are indeed worth doing just to unwind after a long day of work. But if you are still unemployed, then it can be used as your main activity before getting a decent job.

Read News Online
And another effort to avoid boredom is to read online news. Because the information media always offers very interesting reviews for everyone. Reading not only increases intelligence, but also educates the brain. Because many new things will be known. Especially if the content read is the latest information in the world. Many people say that reading online news is more cool.

That’s because they can blend in with a number of netizens’ comments. It is known that the interest in reading online news is increasing day by day. Because they are more interested in viewing information through the internet rather than waiting for television broadcasts. Although only armed with writing, bloggers or website owners can be flooded with profits. One thing is for sure, this one information media can keep away from boredom.

6 New Habits of Traveling After COVID-19

6 New Habits of Traveling After COVID-19 – Traveling world is the most fun thing for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether they are being beaten by various activities, but when they are happy, everything will be done. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all travel activities. Not only that, the legendary online gambling stage has also experienced a drastic decline.

Hiwashingtondc – Several reports from a number of media say that there will be new habits in the world of Traveling after COVID-19 subsides. It is estimated that this will happen since 2022. In this regard, below we have revealed in detail these 6 habits, including:

1. Prioritizing Domestic Tourism
The most important habit is that everyone will prioritize domestic tourism. Because of what? Because they don’t want to take the risk to meet a lot of people, especially foreigners. As is known, several major countries have delegated their citizens to enter as Corona patients. So traveling in the area of ​​origin will be a top priority next year.

2. Accommodation is done via the application
The next is that all types of accommodation can only be done via third-party applications. It is true that the Traveling app appeared before the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s just that the application’s fans are still less widespread. But now everyone needs to book arenas to lodgings in order to avoid crowds at the location. This way, tourists will know how many people will be present at the same place before traveling.

3. Very Strict Health Protocols
Another habit is that health protocols will run very strictly. Let alone post COVID-19, right now everyone is required to wear a mask when leaving the house. Even if it is in the surrounding environment, because the spread of the corona disease is very fast and vicious. On the other hand, all medical equipment should not be left behind as personal safety.

4. Limitation of the Number of Visitors
This time there is a limit on the number of visitors. In the past, all tourist attractions did not look at who wanted to visit, but this time they don’t. This has been done by several tourist destinations from various regions, one of which is Indonesia. The country has enacted new rules that initially saw thousands of people, now only in the hundreds. Of course, this habit will plunder to various other big countries.

5. Vacation Once a Year
The fifth habit is of course a vacation once a year. Previously, many people did not care whether they wanted to travel every week or month. But the pandemic has made their thinking seem different. Let alone once a year, there are even some people who are reluctant to leave the house if there are no urgent matters. That’s because they want to keep themselves from unwanted bad conditions. Surely this situation will improve drastically.

6. Must Have Insurance Policy Poli
And one of the most end habits is none other than the mandatory have an insurance policy. Anyone wants to get the best and quality health insurance. Because at any time this is very necessary, especially in a corona-prone zone. It is ensured that all tourists will scramble for a place to ensure their own safety.

Such is the picture of new habits in Traveling that will occur after COVID-19. Maybe even online gambling game activities will experience changes to keep up with the times.

Going to South Korea for Online Gambling Lover and Enjoying Great Destinations in There

Going to South Korea for Online Gambling Lover and Enjoying Great Destinations in There – South Korea becomes one of the popular counties in Asia just as popular as ONLINE GAMBLING. It is one of the countries with great economy. In some recent years, South Korea also brings new trend on the global world by introducing the K-Pop and K-Drama. These two boost the popularity and even development of the country. Of course, it is not only about them. In fact, there are many great things that people can find in South Korea. It has great nature, history, culture, and of course cuisines. When you have some plans for trip, you can choose the country as your destinations and you will not regret for going there.

It is true that South Korea has many great destinations to offer. When you want to see one of its cultural and historical sites, you can go to Changdeokgung Palace. It is one of the main or grand palaces that you can find in South Korea, and it is located in area of Seoul. The palace was built in 15th century, and it was in the era of Joseon Dynasty. This becomes popular since it becomes one of the most royal residences among the nobles and royal families. When you visit the palace, you will see that it is not just single building of palace but it consists of buildings. Each of them has different purposes and functions, such as for dining room, library, meeting rooms, and accommodation. When you go to the rear area of the palace, you will see great palace garden. The design of garden, its pagodas, lakes, and green area really show the mightiness of palace from the history of South Korea in the dynasty era.

Hiwashingtondc – When you are in South Korea, especially in Seoul, you should visit the iconic building in there. It is the Seoul Tower. This is iconic building that allows you to see the area of Seoul beautifully. It is actually an observation tower, and it is located on the top of Mount Namsan. Because of its location, you are able to see clearly the whole view of Seoul from top. The location is on top of mountain, and it is good chance when you love adventure, especially climbing or hiking. When you want to go up directly, you can take the cable car. It will connect from the town area to the base of its tower. You are able to see great views and other good things offered inside the tower.

In some movies and dramas from South Korea, you are able to see traditional culture of the country. One of the iconic one is the traditional village with the nice traditional Korean home. When you want to experience it by yourself, you can go to Hanok Village. Hanok is the name for the traditional house, and you will see the whole villages designed based on what was found in the era of dynasty. You will see hanok homes all along the area. Then, you can walk on the narrow street to see how the villages were in 600 years ago. This is surely nice experiences, and you are able to find rentals for the traditional Korean outfits. This is like going back to the past, and it is exciting experience.

Visiting France and Its Magnificent Destinations for You Casino Betting Fans

Visiting France and Its Magnificent Destinations for You Casino Betting Fans – When you have chance to travel, France is good place that you should go. The country can show you many kinds of remarkable places and beautiful locations. Buildings and landmarks can be seen, and it is not only the Eiffel Tower that has become the iconic place of France. There are more places that you should visit to truly enjoy the beauty of France. There are also many historical sites that you can go. These are some of those destinations.

Hiwashingtondc – Firstly, it is the Eiffel Tower and it is atrractive just like playing CASINO BETTING. Even if tourists have come to France several times, it still becomes must-visit place in the country. This is the iconic landmark of France. The name of Eiffel is taken from the designer of the tower. Gustave Eiffel designed the building, it was built in 1889 as the place for temporary exhibit. Maybe the designer did not know that later what he designed would become iconic landmark until hundreds of years after its construction. The tower is constructed by 8000 metallic parts, and it reaches 320 meters of height. It has beautiful panorama, and it becomes romantic place for couple. Of course, you are able to get chance to see the inside of the tower. On second level, you can find Le Jules Verne restaurant. This is the Michelin-starred restaurant inside the tower. Then, you can go to the top level of Eiffel Tower to see the beautiful view of Paris.

If you are curious about the great painting of Mona Lisa made by Leonardo da Vinci, you can go to the Louvre Museum. It was actually a royal residence, but then it becomes one of the greatest museums in the world since there are collections of masterpieces made by legendary artists in Western Civilization. Mona Lisa by Da Vinci is one of them. Then, there is also Wedding Feast at Cana made by Veronese. Even, you are able to see sculpture from the 1st century BC, the Venus de Milo. There are many collections from the kings who resided in Louvre. In total, there are around 35,000 collections of artworks. These are surely like heaven for those who love arts. You are able to see many great masterpieces that you can only see in books before.

Next, you can go to one of the UNESCO World Heritages in France. It is the Palace of Versailles. This cannot be just called as palace, but it has become the symbol of French Monarchy. The palace was built by Louis XIV that was popular as the Sun King. The place that was his father’s hunting lodge was turned into great palace by the Sun King, and its interior was specifically designed in Baroque style. This became his monument and symbol of absolute power. It was Jules Hardouin-Mansart who designed and created the palace. The area of palace is vast, and you are able to see many great places around the palace. For example, there is Hall of Mirrors. In the past, it is place for nobles who waited for the chance to see the king. As its name, the hall shows great view once the sunlight enters the room. The interior becomes beautiful with its ornamental mirror. Then, there is Les Jardins. This is the beautiful garden with great design. There are still other spots to see in the palace.

Best Locations to Explore in England for You Who Like Poker Online

Best Locations to Explore in England for You Who Like Poker Online – England becomes one of the great places for vacation and also for POKER ONLINE. It is not just single place since England has quite vast area with abundance of great destinations. You will not regret for visiting England since the top-notch destinations will welcome you. This surely will become great experiences. These are some recommended locations where you can enjoy the traveling and see the majestic locations in England. You may need to put these into your lists when you are going to England.

Hiwashingtondc – First, there is Stonehenge. This is located in Salisbury Plain. It is a prehistoric monument that still hides deep mysteries until now. Many scientists and experts still cannot fully understand the purposes of Stonehenge. It is really a prehistoric site, and it is predicted that the construction was done between 3000 to 1500 BC. Although it is very old, the megalithic constructions still exist. People still do not understand why people in the ancient time built the site. Then, there was still mystery regarding how the people in the old time could build the monument. The stones are heavy, and it requires good technology to arrange and even put the stones on top of others. Yet, people in the old time could do it. Thus, it is really worth to visit, and it is good chance to see the mystery of Stonehenge directly.

Next, you can visit Somerset. This is quite small city in England, but it offers nice destination. It is the Roman Baths. The baths were built around 2,000 years ago, and it is still preserved well until now. It is not only the baths that can attract the attention. Other buildings around them are also great. There are around 500 buildings that are considered of having historical and architectural values. Even, the location is awarded as the one of the World Heritage Sites. This may be part of countryside, but what you will see is such a nice site that shows magnificent civilization in the old days. It is not only the buildings, but the sceneries are also great.

If you want to see another UNESCO World Heritage Site in England, you can go to Canterbury Cathedral. This is one of the important places in England. The cathedral is the home of Archbishop of Canterbury, and it is also the cradle of English Christianity. The Christianity is different from the one led by Pope in Vatican, and the long history can be found in the Canterbury Cathedral. Exploring the cathedral will be great when you are able to find guided tours since you can get many information. The tour can also be more meaningful since you will be led to best locations where you can gain new insights about the place.

When you want to see antiquities from many places around the world, you can go to British Museum. This becomes one of the greatest museums in the world. There are more than thirteen million artifacts. These come from many ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, and of course the Roman Empire. The artifacts are displayed and you will be able to see what the beauty of the past. It is like being brought by the time machine to the ancient time. Among the artifacts in the museum, the Elgin Marbles and Rosetta Stones are two most important artifacts in there.